Find a network doctor or hospital
Point of service (POS) plans include access to both the HMO and PPO networks
To search for a primary care physician (PCP), click on Level I (HMO) Network above. Then, select "Primary Care Physician." You may need your selected PCP’s ID number when you enroll in the plan for the first time. To find this number, click on your doctor’s name and then select View details under "Primary Care Physician ID." To search by doctor type or name, select “Doctors.”
The Level II (PPO) Network lets you see any doctor in Blue Shield's PPO Network for most covered services. Keep in mind that you if you seek care from a physician who is not part of the Blue Shield PPO network, you will pay more for each visit.
To search for a clinician: (1) Under Choose your Benefit Plan, choose BSC MHSA, (2) Under Choose a Provider List, choose either Non-Medicare facility or Non-Medicare provider.
To search for a provider, under Service Type, select either chiropractic or acupuncture.
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What is an urgent care center?
Staffed with licensed physicians, urgent care centers are ideal for non-emergency care when your doctor is not available. They can be faster and less expensive than the ER for non-emergencies.

As a POS plan member, you can access care through the Level I (HMO) or Level II (PPO) Network. To save money, whenever possible, make sure any urgent care services you receive are covered under your Level I (HMO) benefits.

To make sure urgent care services are covered under your Level I (HMO) benefits:

  • Call your PCP or your assigned medical group/IPA first for instructions before going to an urgent care center.

  • Make sure the urgent care center you go to is affiliated with your PCP's medical group/IPA. (Ask your PCP for the name of an affiliated urgent care center near you.)
Find a Blue Shield participating pharmacy
Locate Blue Shield participating pharmacies where your provider can call in your prescription, or you can take your written prescription to the store.
Need help finding providers?
Blue Shield Member Services: (855) 256-9404
Representatives are available to help you from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Pacific time, Monday through Friday.